Skills are abilities within Postknight that serve as variants of attack and defense to aid the player during their quests. In order to unlock skills, the player must attain a certain level which permanently unlocks the skill for their use.

Skills are equipped at the Skills screen, which then can be activated by tapping the Charge or Shield icons during a battle, each having various effects that can deeply impact player performance. Like normal charging and shielding, all abilities have a set duration and cooldown period once they are used in battle.

Shield skills have a cooldown of 5 seconds with an uptime of 3 seconds, giving an effective cooldown of 2 seconds. Charge skills have a cooldown of 3 seconds. Potions may also be considered 'skills' as they are available in the combat menu, with a minimum cooldown of 3 seconds and no known maximum cooldown.

It is of importance to note that charge skills apply damage 'on hit', that is to say that the player applies damage every time he comes into contact an enemy. The distance covered by charge is directly affected by movement speed, and thus both the distance he covers and the maximum number of times the player may strike his enemies. Shield modifications such as Blitz or Fortress may influence distance traveled, as well as equipment/set bonuses and the Green Potion purchasable from Griffondell.

Charge Skills

Name Icon Ability Level
Assault Boost When charging, damage is massively increased. Non-critical hits deal 2x damage and critical hits will deal 2-2.5x damage*. If the enemy is stunned, this damage is further doubled again. 10
Life Steal 20% of damage dealt when charging returns health points. Stacks with equipment bonuses additively. 20
Blitz Charge distance is doubled. 30
Loot Luxury +20% drop rates for enemies defeated by charge. Stacks with equipment bonuses additively. 40
Elusive Chances of dodging are massively increased when charging. Provides high effective mitigation even without specializing into the AGI stat, suggesting that the effect does not scale with or has low scaling with AGI. 50
Pinpoint Critical rate is doubled when charging. 60
Bullseye Enemies that are charged at will not be able to dodge 70
Stunning Lunge Stuns enemies. 80
Quadrattack While charging, attacks deals four times the damage. 90

*This range will vary slightly depending on the player's critical damage bonus. While charging, critical strikes have a base multiplier of 1.2x. Assault Boost critical hit bonus is calculated multiplicatively with the base multiplier meaning it is applied on top of the existing critical damage bonus. Compared to non-critical hits, the bonus is 2.4-3x damage. This damage can be amplified again for up to 6x damage if the target is stunned.

Shield Skills

Name Icon Ability Level
Stunguard Every hit on enemies while the shield is up have a 15% chance of stunning the enemy for 3 seconds. Stunning enemies may synergize with additional effects from your other skills or equipment. 15
Buffer Up Shield blocks more damage than before. Mitigation is increased from 50% to 70% of incoming damage. 25
Fortress Shielding up reduces movement speed but doubles physical and magical defence. 35
Mirror Magic Shield returns damage received to the attacker.** 45
Precise Barrier Shielding with a Perfect Block instantly heals the user for 5% of max HP rounded down. (Anytime the hero is attacked and receives the "Block" text instead of damage indicates the attack has been completely mitigated by a 'Perfect Block'). All shields may perform a 'Perfect Block' but only the Precise Barrier modification allows the user to recover health in addition to mitigating the attack. 55
Elusive Cover Increase chances of dodging when shielding. 65
Spellguard Shielding up grants immunity to magical damage. 75
Counter Cover Shielding up increases critical damage. 85
Alleviation Health points are recovered when shield is up 95

**Reflected damage appears to vary between enemies. As low as 40% against ranged enemies up to 75% against melee attackers. It is important to note that mirror magic does not mitigate the damage that was reflected, and the damage reflected is based on damage received (after player defenses are taken into account). This means attacks that were blocked or dodged will not reflect any damage.