Quests are a series of tallies that count the amount of defeated enemies of an area a player accumulates, rewarding them with items.

Overview Edit

The Quest Board can be found next to the mail box leftwards from the Leader's house. These quests serve as hunts for a specific monster of that can be found in the area you are currently in. The targeted monsters can be found on routes, deliveries or main quests.

Each city can have three quests available at the same time - so if three cities have been unlocked, one can accomplish nine deliveries in total until they all refresh to grant new quests. Quests are refreshed once a timer has timed out, occurring every six hours. This process can be influenced to immediately refresh by watching an advertisement or paying gems.

After killing any quantity of enemies listed in an active quest, the transition screen will show the amount required until the quest is complete. If a quest is completed, one can redeem a chest on the board or right after the quest is finished, as it will display the completed quest alongside other quest values with the option to claim. These chests contain random materials from all the cities that are already unlocked and has a chance of giving gems.

Important Note: Sometimes one can receive a quest to watch an advertisement instead of killing a number of enemies. The rewards will be identical to other quests.

Quest Values Edit

Pompon Edit

Quest Name Description Enemy Defeats Required Notes
Cub Care Defeat 30 Dire Wolf Cub. Dire Wolf Cub 30
Dire Hunt Defeat 30 Dire Wolves. Dire Wolf 30
Howling Affair Defeat Alpha Dire Wolves. Alpha Dire Wolf 10
Stolen Shots Defeat Bandit Archers. Bandit Archer 10
Sealed Range Defeat 10 Bandit Rangers. Bandit Ranger 10
Now You Don't Defeat 10 Bandit Mages. Bandit Mage 10 Reference to magic phrase "Now you see me, now you don't."
Call The Cops Defeat Bandit Maulers. Bandit Mauler 10
Criminal Command Defeat the Bandit Chief. Bandit Chief 1

Shello Bay Edit

Quest Name Description Enemy Defeats Required Notes
Drop It Defeat 30 Blooplets. Blooplet 30 Reference to music genre of Dubstep.
Bursting Bubbles Defeat 30 Bloobles. Blooble 30 Reference to proverb "Burst your bubble."
Deadly Swims Defeat 10 Bloottons. Blootton 10
In A Pinch Defeat 10 Crabuckets. Crabucket 10 Reference to crabs pinching and the idiom "In a pinch."
Ahoy Kiddos Defeat 10 Pirate Boys. Pirate Boy 10
Aye Aye Sir Defeat 10 Pirate Officers. Pirate Officer 10
Song Stopper Defeat 10 Sirens. Siren 10 Reference to phrase "Show Stopper".
Captain Crook Defeat the Pirate Darkbeard. Pirate Darkbeard 1

Griffondell Edit

Quest Name Description Enemy Defeats Required Notes
Flitter By Defeat 30 Butterflits. Butterflit 30
Birds Of Prey Defeat 30 Mevari. Mevari 30
Scurry Away Defeat 10 Skoblins. Skoblin 10
Scattered Defense Defeat 10 Skoblin Guards. Skoblin Guard 10
Baron Berth Defeat 10 Baron Skiv 10 times. Baron Skiv 10
Snitch Pitch Defeat 10 Scandit Raiders. Scandit Raider 10
At Ease Defeat 10 Scandit Soldiers. Scandit Soldier 10
Cyclone Chief Defeat the Scandit Chief. Scandit Chief 1

Caldemount Edit

Quest Name Description Enemy Defeats Required Notes
Easy Piffsy Defeat 30 Piffs. Piff 30 Portmanteau of phrase "easy peasy" and Piff.
Huff And Puff Defeat 30 Puffles. Puffle 30 Reference to The Three Little Pigs: "He huffed and he puffed and he blew the house down."
Puffed Effort Defeat 10 Pufforts. Puffort 10 Reverse portmanteau of "Puffort" from "Puffed Effort".
Spiky Encounter Defeat 10 Mykes. Myke 10
Tuff One Defeat 10 Tufflers. Tuffler 10 Play on words, replacing tough with Tuff, a shortened version of Tuffler.
Clan Craze Defeat 10 Cultists. Cultist 10
Phony Priest Defeat 10 Cultist Acolytes. Cultist Acolyte 10
Sect Lord Defeat the Cultist Leader. Cultist Leader 1

Valley of Gold Edit

Quest Name Description Enemy Defeats Required Notes
Chest Clone Defeat 30 Mimics. Mimic 30
Fragile Form Defeat 30 Cricles. Cricle 30
Gold Digger Defeat 30 Goldins. Goldin 10
Bombs Away Defeat 10 Goldin Bombers. Goldin Bombier 10
What He Lacks Defeat 10 Baron Goldilack 10 times. Baron Goldilack 10 The question which is answered by the baron's name, "Gold-I-Lack".
Mine Time Defeat 10 Miners. Miner 10
Excavating Exec Defeat 10 Miner Captains. Miner Captain 10
Dredge Dominion Defeat the Chief Miner. Cheif Miner 1

Fractured Forest Edit

Quest Name Description Enemy Defeats Required Notes
Prickle Party Defeat 30 Prongles. Prongles 30
Walla Bing Bang Defeat 10 Hooligan Witch Doctors. Hooligan Witch Doctors 10
Ranged Rufians Defeat 30 Hooligan Archers. Hooligan Archers 30

Other Edit

Quest name Description Character Requirements Notes
Ads Watching an Ads and get a treasure box for free! Travelling Merchant Watch an advertisement. Only quest to not require defeating enemies.