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This is the wiki for the RPG Postknight created by Malaysian indie game developer Kurechii.
Most images used on pages are copyright by Kurechii.

The Post Knight Wiki is a collaborative encyclopedia for information on the Post Knight mobile game.
There are 47 pages and counting since this wiki was founded in Nov. 2016. The wiki format allows anyone to
create or edit any article, so we can all work together to create an in-depth encyclopedia!

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About The Game

Postknight reimagines the best parts of role-playing games into bite-sized bits within an exciting delivery adventure.

The story follows the adventures of a Postknight — a knight who is tasked with difficult or dangerous deliveries — in the grand kingdom of Kurestal. Through deliveries, the postknight will meet other characters with different backgrounds while venturing across the kingdom of Kurestal and beyond.

Designed to be an enjoyable RPG for those on-the-go, Postknight is optimized for mobile devices: from content to controls, for hardcore and casual players, to time spent in and out of the game. Instead of spending long hours to experience the highlights of an RPG adventure, Postknight delivers it in small yet exciting pieces.

Postknight Trailer

Postknight - Official Game Trailer

Postknight - Official Game Trailer

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    new comment by A FANDOM user
    Comment: What is the best sword skill to use at level 50? I've been using blitz, but it damages my health too much.
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    Comment: i just finished the game and have some tips for whoever wants to get through without having to lose time farming for expensive sets or trying...
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    Comment: it is true , but not +2% experience gain
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    Comment: its crystabit + 280000
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    Comment: cant

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