The Headquarters is the place where your adventure in Postknight starts.


This is the first place the player will enter as they begin.

At the start, the Postknight Headquarters serves no purpose aside from story progression, up until Rank B is reached and Puff Pasture is completed, where the player can then join Divisions. After joining one of the three Divisions, players can interact with the NPCs much like the regular Areas in the game.

Captain Cassandra is the one who you trade with for Headquarters-exclusive Equipment, Captain Seraphine allows you to donate to your Division in weekly Events, and Captain Solomon allows you to take part in the very difficult Division Quests.


At the beginning of the game, the player, a rookie, encounters Captain Cassandra. She is the captain overseeing rookies and is the one who oversees your final task- that being sending a specific bag of mail to Pompon. After completing Pompon which leads to the mail bag being fully delivered, the player is then knighted by Commander Whitebeard in Headquarters into an official Postknight.

Headquarters serves as a sort of hub between the Areas. The player after completing an Area is then tasked to another Area to deliver goods by Headquarters. By Caldemount the player's superior becomes Captain Blaze as they reach Rank B

Items & ContentEdit

After participating in Divison Quests from Captain Solomon, the Divison Tokens gained can be used alongside Coins to purchase Equipment Sets.

Division ShopEdit