Fractured Forest is the sixth, and so far, final village in Postknight presented as a dangerous forest far away. It is unlocked after completing Valley of Gold and the player must reach rank A postknight.


The story revolves around the player's character, the postknight, being sent to the Fractured Forest to help alchemists collect herbs after a plague breaks out in Kurestal. The alchemists use the herbs, of which the postknight delivers to alchemists in Kurestal as part of the storyline, to create cures. However, the herbs needed to create the herbs are few and far between in Kurestal, meaning that they need to resort to the Fractured Forest, where the herbs are more plentiful.

The postknight helps fights enemies in the Fractured Forest to widen the range where the alchemists can search for the herbs, and encounters numerous challenges from the local residents along the way.


The Fractured Forest has a purple theme, meaning that much of its backgrounds, plants, enemies, etc. are completely purple or have purple elements. This coloring gives it an ominous feel, fitting in with its dangerous theme. Additionally, the Fractured Forest also has different music from all of the other villages, music that is more ominous. The background is populated by many shadowy, looming trees, and a small river with shrubbery and fireflies to make it like a forest. 

The Fractured Forest has no love interests, with someone in the first tent, serving as the person who leads to the Re-allocation and Recovery menu. After completing the Fractured Forest a second character appears at this tent as part of the storyline. There is a blacksmith at the third tent, and both the alchemist and trader at the second tent. 

Another factor that sets the Fractured Forest apart from the other villages is that it has many more levels, and is significantly more difficult than what might be expected. While all the other villages have five sets of five levels for a total of 25 levels, the Fractured Forest has eight sets of five levels for a total of 40 levels.

Items and ContentEdit

When the player defeats enemies in the Fractured Forest they receive Tier 6 items and equipment. Another ore change occurs, with Mythril Ore replacing Gold Ore.

Enemies of the Fractured Forest fall into three groups: natural monsters, Wolos, and Hooligans.

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