The Postknight Headquarters houses 3 divisions: Pyrodash, Neverwhisk and Etherdawn.

Postknights ranked B and above will be able to join a division. You must have reached the city of Caldemount (and clear Puff Pasture) as well in order to join a division. As a division member, one can contribute and earn credits to rank within their division, and compete with the other 2 every week for great rewards!


Pyrodash Etherdawn Neverwhisk

Division Contributions & DeliveriesEdit

All contribution items change every 24 hours server time. Division Deliveries refresh every 4 hours.
Note: You can contribute resources quickly by holding the contribute button down.

Division Contributions Division Deliveries Delivery Rewards
Items to trade for contribution points:

Common Item x10 for 10 credits
Common Item x10 for 10 credits
Rare Item x4 for 20 credits
Rare Alchemy Item x4 for 30 credits
Division Token x1 for 50 credits

You can save up contribution items and
donate them all at once to raise your rank greatly.

Buying items from Merchants and using the
Lucky Ring can help to obtain more Items

Division Deliveries
Rank S
Gold Chest Icon
x 3
Rank A
Silver Chest Icon
x 2
Rank B
Chest Icon
x 1

Division Rewards & RankingsEdit

Division Ranking Information Division Rewards
There are 4 rewards for participating in Divisions.

Reward 1: Gems (Based on Global Rank)
Reward 2: Tokens (Based on Global Rank)
Reward 3: Crystal Tokens (Based on Global Rank)
Reward 4: Crystal Tokens (Division Winner)

Previously: Only the winning division received Crystal Tokens.

Version 2.0.3: All ranked members will receive Crystal Tokens based on their rank, regardless of whether their division ranks first in the season or not. Members of the division that places first will get extra Crystal Tokens.

More emphasis is put on personal contribution and efforts, and players are encouraged to join divisions based on personal preferences instead of a division that is in the lead.
*Changes applied since Season 2.

Spending Crystal Tokens
Crystal Tokens can either be traded with Captain Cassandra at the Headquarters for Rank Set Equipment, or to add the most experience to rank up as a Postknight. Crystal tokens are not easy to come by though, so it's best to save them for equipment sets.

Spending Gems
The best item to buy first is the Fortune Ring followed by the Lucky Ring then Pets for each area. After that it's optional to get the Alacrity Ring or some of the other item chests from the Travelling Merchant.

Division Rank Rewards