• Hackername

    Disclaimer. I know, I know. It's not exactly beneficial to the wiki. It's just a piece of information I wanted to share.

    If there's something that I might've poorly explained, drop me a message on my wall.

    For those who already know this, you can simply skip this whole blog and move on with your lives doing.. Whatever it is you're currently doing.

    You're probably wondering, "What is this music that is currently playing in my speakers?", "Is my Music Player still on?", "Where is this music coming from? Am I slowly losing my mind?!", or "Hey, I know this song!".

    Don't worry, it's this little thing below that's currently playing music.

    Not necessarily, you can also use .ogg files to put music in a page. You can simply add them to a page like you wou…

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  • Legofan9o5

    Postknight Wiki Plans

    February 13, 2017 by Legofan9o5

    For anyone reading this, please give some constructive critism and provide your own input (either against or for) towards my ideas. Plus note that I have currently only reached the end of Griffondell, resetting upon the official release of Postknight, so I have no clue on Caldemount and Valley of Gold:

    New Pages:

    Leaders* - Please note that the title is up in the air for this page, due to the inconsistant nature of the characters. But they should be all contained to a single page, as they all share the same function for the Re-allocation and Recovery menu. Explaining each character and explaining the mechanic should provide enough content to warrent the page.

    Blacksmiths - Obvious, as all characters and other professions of NPC aside from Lea…

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